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tv   Journal  LINKTV  June 14, 2014 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> welcome to the journal on d.w. i'm in berlin, good to have you with us. our headlines this hour, pro russian rebels shoot down a military transport plane in eastern ukraine killing all 49 onboard. ukrainian president petro poroshenko is calling it an act of terrorism and promises an adequate response. counting begins after polls close in afghanistans runoff election to decide who will succeed president hamid karzai. and group c kicks off at the world cup. with the 3-0 win of colombia over greece.
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chancellor angela merkel and french president francois hollande say they are extremely worried about the ongoing violence in ukraine. the two european leaders expressed their concern over a phone call with vladmir putin. the ministry confirmed pro russians rebs shut down a military transport plane killing 49. president petro poroshenko condemned the downing of the play as a terrorist act and promised to deliver what he called an adequate response. >> the burntout haul of the plane, charred debris was scattered for hundreds of meters. rebel troops scoured the wreckage for ammunition and anything of use. the dead were comrades of these ukrainian soldiers, all belonging to a paratrooper
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company. the aircraft's nine-man crew also perished. there were no survivors. witnesses said the crew attempted to dump fuel in a last ditch attempt to reach the runway before engine transport plane was carrying weapons, equipment, and provisions. >> the mission was to deliver personnel for rotation and also to provide equipment and staff. the aircraft was 700 meters above the ground unroute to luhansk. it is a hot bed of activity. rebels brought the plane down with a surface to air missile and a heavy machine gun. these images purport to show the impact. now the government is vowing to punish what it calls a cynical act of terrorism. just hours earlier, the ukrainian military claimed a significant victory bringing the southeastern port city
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under government control. a victory overshadowed by events in and around luhansk. >> to afghanistan now where votes are being counted in a's presidential runoff election with officials saying turnout was higher than expected reaching nearly 60%. the taliban had threatened to disrupt the vote and there was some violence, but no major attacks. voters were choosing between he leading candidate and his rifle to replace hamid karzai as president. the winner is expected to be announced in july. >> the contents of these boxes will decide the political future of afghanistan. for the first time, afghanistan is attempting a democratic transfer of power, an opportunity many afghans did not want to pass up. more than 7 million people reportedly cast their ballot, a turnout of more than 50% despite violence that killed dozens.
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>> unfortunately, we have had civilian casualties again today said president hamid karzai. polling stations came under attack in some places, but the people of afghanistan went to vote eagerly and with courage. the people's participation was a success for afghanistan. >> presidential hopeful abdullah abdullah praised the courage of those who went to the poll. he called on the commission to respect the popular vote. >> it is responsibility to act in accordance with the law and fairly. that will help institutionalize democracy in this country and the foundation of the country and will lead afghanistan to take a step forward. >> abdula and his opponent both
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have repeated raised accusations of fraud in the run-up to the poll. observers feared that if the results are too close, various political groups may resort violence. >> our correspondent has been monitoring the elections in afghanistan. we asked about his impressions of the way the day had gone given the taliban threats to disrupt the poll. >> well, i'm reporting here from the capital, from cabual, it was calm all day long during the election day today. it was totally different in the provinces as far as i know. there were at least 250 taliban attacks on places where the people went to vote. here in cabual, we only had two or three or four bombs, nobody knows. still it is very unclear what really happened because the media here in afghanistan agreed with the government to not report on any incidents of the election day. so we still open and we still
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hope that we can really find out what happened today. again, here in cab yul, pretty calm. >> despite the violence, would you describe the vote as free and fair? >> well, i'm reporting from afghanistan. free and fair elections western standards, no, not yet, not yet, but what i can clearly say, these have been the freest and fairest elections so far in afghanistan since 2001. >> in what respect would you say that the vote did not meet western standards of freedom and fairness? >> well, we already know that there was fraud again in some places here in afghanistan. there were places where there were no ballot boxes, some ballot boxes were stolen already, so this is all what i do not call western standards. >> thank you very much. iranian president hassan rouhani says the shiah majority
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country is ready to help the government of neighboring iraq in its fight against sunni militants. they said tehran could cooperate with the united states to restore iraq. isis has seized control in much of the country. u.s. president barack obama is reportedly considering the use of u.s. air power. iraqi prime minister maliki has asked for washington's help. the most senior shiite cleric has told iraqis to take up arms against the sunni insurgents. >> all across baghdad, young men are regular strerg as volunteers. the buses are bringing them to the north of the country controlled by isis. we have come here spontaneously, not in the hope of a financial reward, but to defend our homeland and its doctrines and sangetities. we pray to god to protect them
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all. >> the volunteers are answering a call by a top shiite cleric to defend their country. iraqi prime minister nouri al-maliki says he has been granted unlimited power to fight the militants. he welcomed the influx of volunteers. what is happening today is a natural reaction and a clear demonstration of the iraqi people's will. we were unable to absorb the thousands who have come to volunteer. we couldn't equip and arm them quickly. >> the army is hoping that the new recruits will be able to help recapture cities in the north which have fallen into a cyst hands. nd the city of kirkuk, fighters are fighting isis. the government in baghdad have long been strained and now they have a common enemy. >> israel's prime minister says the three teenagers who disappeared in the west bank were kidnapped by a terrorist
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organization. israeli forces are searching for the youths house by house. they have also arrested several palestinians. the seminary students, two israelis and one american were last seen hitchhiking in a settlement in the southern west bank. the incident threatens to further strain already frayed israeli-palestinian ties. well, day three of the world cup kicked off with a game between colombia and greece. there were threaten of colombians in the crowd and they had plenty to cheer about. >> the wind sent the colombians into a frenzy, their striker may be injured, but they still managed a powerful start. the south americans had plenty of fan support in the stadium and they wasted no time. 1-0 after just five minutes. the great defense was taken by surprise, but the goal forced greece to wake up. this shot skillfully blocked by
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the colombian keeper. the second half saw colombia up their lead. guiterrez found himself where the goal keeper should have been, 2-0 in the 58th minute. the greeks soon had a chance to get back in the game, but a shot hit the bar. james rodriguez scored in stoppage time making the final score 3-0. colombia has sealed their status as a favorite to progress after the group phase. >> and there was a sunning upset in one of friday's games. the netherlands thrashed the 2010 champions spain 5-1. the spaniards started the scoring after the referee mistakenly awarded a penalty kick, but robin van persie quickly equalized with an acrobatic header before halftime. the second half belonged to the dutch with a goal from ian bben and another from stefan
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devrij. one last goal from robin made it a fantastic start to the tournament for the dutch and a disastrous one for spain. later tonight, a much anticipated clash of two of europe's most storied teams. former world champions england and italy. italy were runners-up in the world cup two years ago and enter the tournament with high expectations, but the italians will be up against a much improved england side. both teams have spent weeks preparing for the humid conditions. well, we asked our world cup expert titus chalk in rio whether he thought the local conditions would prove difficult for the players from england and italy. >> yes, i think it will. the game kicks off at 6:00 p.m. local time by which point the temperature will still be in the high 20s. it will be a stifling 88% humidity . i think land's players
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certainly have been practicing sweating off as much as two killos in their training sessions. that gives you an idea of how grueling it is. the pitch is in a terrible condition which is consistent with the fact that the stadium is only going to be used for four games of football before it turns into a white elephant. no first division to take it over, so it's not really set up to be a classic encounter, unfortunately. >> well, meanwhile, the german squad is preparing, businessly preparing for its opening game against portugal on monday. the team is staying in a special luxury complex on the atlantic coast. some fans have tried to get close to the team, but are not enjoying such sumious surroundings. >> they like the simple life. they have set up camp right next to where the german national soccer team is staying. >> they have been here for over
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a week and have already become familiar faces for the german players. >> we wave at them and they wave back. it's nice. it's as if we're neighbors. >> they have been traveling around south america since february. it was a last-minute decision to come here. they didn't expect to get so close to the team or to go jogging with the coach. >> i like to jog. i was doing my exercises on the beach when the coach suddenly turned up. i jogged with him and i had a nice chat. then he sprinted off. i tried to keep up, but i have to admit, he was a bit faster than me. >> they go to the training grounds every afternoon to see if they can catch a glimpse of the players practicing. they have only been allowed in
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once. they really want to watch team germany play, but they don't have any tickets yet. that's why they have written a message to the players hoping for their help. the german players arrive with police and army escorts, but the couple aren't in luck today, they have to stay outside. >> we have to climb over the fence, but we're not going to do that. there are too many security police. >> only a few reporters have been allowed in, they have to show their i.d.s. just the mascot. >> the mascot who is popular with the brazilians, the couple are so determined to watch their team in action that they're headed off to salvador. that's why germany will face portugal for the first match on
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monday. >> i think i'll just watch it on television. that brings us to the end of this edition of the journal, from all of us here at d.w., thanks for watching. >> before they get to works the children have to register and get assigned wheelbarrows. it's saturday, 6:30 in the rning in a city in central bolivia. the children can rent a wheelbarrow, but 50 euro cents. she got up at 3:00 a.m. to make sure she was one of the first
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on the list. she knows that's the only way she'll get one of the best wheelbarrows. she says she likes the work. she likes carrying other people's shopping. there are 46 child workers on the list and many more across bolivia where child labor is a widespread practice. she explains that the children have difficult family backgrounds. they often live with just one parent or with their grandparents. she says there is a lot of drinking. the children have to work, but what is surprising is that they lso want to.
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the order that the goods are loaded is very important. solid goods go underneath so as not to squash things such as fruit and heavier things go on the front of the wheel barrow to make it easier to push. she knows all of the tricks. she has been working here at the market for about five years. she is one of the oldest child workers. she says she was almost 12 when she started. at first she was scared she would drop things or that she would crash into something with her wheelbarrow. she was also really scared she might lose her customer in all of the hustle and bustle, that happens a lot. the government has introduced a minimum age of 14, but this is not easy to enforce.
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many child workers are much younger. for many bow livans, child labor is perfectly acceptable. few people think twice about hiring a child to help them hop. this boy is 11. he thinks it's normal that hildren should work. he says that sometimes mothers or fathers leave the family so there isn't enough money. he explains that families are big in bolivia with four or five children. the customers at this market do not feel guilty, even if their own children do not have to work. this customer says she is trying to help. she says it makes sense to help a young boy buy school books. it's compensation for the fact that he is hired to work, but,
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of course, she says, these kids should be playing just like her children who right now are at a ainting class. as he works, he hopes he will be paid well. if he is lucky, he'll get about a euro for 45 minutes of hard work. the children are not always lucky and that's why they have set up their own trade union with their own membership cards. this is our i.d. it's to prove that we're not treet kids or glue sniffers. this is the trade union leader. she has a tough decision to make. this crisis meeting has been called because some of the children got drunk and beat up
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a 9-year-old. they violated the union rules. she wonders what to do with them, whether they should be thrown out forever or for three months or for three weeks or one month. she asks what will happen if they come back and cause trouble again. in the end, it's decided that the children won't be allowed to work at the market for a month. it's a tough verdict. she knows that the children live in difficult conditions and that they badly need the oney just as she does. a few days later, we head to the outskirts. it's one of the poorest parts of the world. this is where she lives and oes to school.
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she only works on the weekend. the rest of the time she focuses on her schoolwork. she is one of the best in the class. her teacher thinks it's totally normal that her pupils work. about half the class does. she says some of them sell clothes or fruit and vegetables or bread. thers work as shoemakers or on building sites. she acknowledges that some of them say they can't do their omework because of the work. so even in a school environment, people are not ecessarily against child labor
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. after school, she helps her younger brothers with their homework. she spends most of her earnings from the weekly market on education. she shows us what she has bought with her earnings. she explains that she buys her textbooks and her notebooks herself. her family had almost managed to fight its way out of poverty when one of her siblings had a serious accident. the hospital fees plunged them into massive debt and they have been paying them back for two years. her mother says she has debts with three banks and that's why the family is living as it is. what can she do, she says, the children are already working
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even though they're still little. she finds it all so painful. many families are in the same situation. the income is crucial for the family, there is a positive side to the work. she says it has enabled her to gain self-confidence and to make plans for the future. she says she would like to have her own room with her own things and she would like to have a big house and wants to have nine children, but no .usband if her dream comes true, she says she will also want her children to work because she thinks it will make them better eople.
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back in reality, gloria has about 20 killos in her earned less nd than one euro. gloria says she wants to go over to another customer near the fruit because she will pay er a lot more money. gloria doesn't have any plans for the future and her daily life isn't the same either. she doesn't like school and looks forward to her work all week long. i love the work, she says, i ove all kinds of work. overall, gloria gets the equivalent of about six euros. that's a decent average wage
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for eight hours of child labor. gloria is well-liked at this market. she has earned a reputation for always being in a good mood and concentrating hard on her wheelbarrow. she tells her next customer she is almost done and will be with her in a moment. gloria would love to quit school. not everyone can juggle school and work. once a month child workers from all over get together for a trade union meeting. this is also a time for them to behave like children, to play and to laugh and enjoy life as well as to talk about their demands. they want people to respect children's rights. she explains that adults don't
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understand their situation because they never went through it themselves where as the children understands what it needs to work. they know what's dangerous and what isn't. that's why they're getting organized. they want labor rights to be enforced for children from the ge of 12 and not 14. they're currently planning a trip to the capital so they can persuade the government to listen to their demands. she says they're doing politics and they can do it just like grown-ups. she and her fellow trade unionists realize that many children will have to work as long as poverty is rampant in
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bolivia, but they're doing their best to make sure their labor is remunerated fairly. they hope that child labor can be a dignified practice based on rights and not exploitation.w
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